Our Cary 60 now at UC Davis

Instrument :

Modified Cary 60/6001 which is connected to a 86386 PC running Windows for Workgroups 3.11 reading out the raw data and the wavelength. A Microsoft Excel spreadsheeet macro runs the data acquisition, basic processing and display. The optics cabinet is flushed with dry, oxygen free nitrogen to suppress ozone formation at short wavelengths. The basic components are a 450 W xenon high pressure lamp in a watercooled housing, double-prism monochromator assembly, Faraday cell, a Pockels cell CD modulator, photomultiplier tube and readout and control electronics (the ORD parts are removed).

 Computerized Cary-60/61 CD spectropolarimeter (1965) with data acquisition computer. Still works great!

See my CD tutorial for information on method and data analysis programs.

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