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X-mas recommendation: Richard Dickerson: Present at the Flood Great annotated compilation of early key papers in protein crystallography.


Scientific Inference (click on title for reviews on Amazon)

RL Winkler: An introduction to Bayesian Inference and Decision (2nd Ed, 2010)
Exceptionally well written and readable introduction to general probability and Bayesian inference. Assumes no previous expertise in probability thepory and math, and connects all the parts I was only able to touch in my Chapter 7. A must read imho.

DS Sivia: Data Analysis- A Bayesian Tutorial (1996)
A most readable primer to Likelihood and Bayesian inference. Easy to understand examples, derivations.

Sir Harold Jeffreys: Scientific Inference (3rd edition, 1973, 2010 paperback reprint)
Excellent introduction into the methods and pitfalls of scientific inference; Bayes; inverse probability; examples

AWF Edwards: Likelihood - An Account of the Statistical Concept of Likelihood and Its Application to Scientific Inference (1992)
Most lucid introduction into the concepts of likelihood and support; Bayes ratio; likelihood ratio, CLT

ET Jaynes: Probability Theory: The Logic of Science (2003 collection of earlier work)
Heavy stuff complementing the previous books, focus on probabilistic interpretation.

General introductory texts (click on title for reviews on Amazon)

Bernhard Rupp: Biomolecular Crystallography: Principles, Practice and  Application to Structural Biology (2009)
Most comprehensive and modern monography currently available. Chapter one alone gives a comprehensive overview of the field and is a good rpeparation for further study. For table of contents click here.

Liljas, Liljas, Piskur, Lindblom, Nissen and Kjeldgaard: Textbook of Structural Biology (2009)More comprehensive than the older (but still excellent) Branden and Tooze. A reasonably good extension beyond my Chapter 2 for those interested in further biological examples of protein structure, viruses, and nucleic acid complex structures. Not much crystallography.

David Blow: Outline of Crystallography for Biologists (2002)
Very readable introduction, somewhat more comprehensive and mathematical than Rhodes, less intense than Drenth.

Walker and Ripley: Molecular Biomethods Handbook
Collection of review articles on methods, including one by me and Katherine Kantardjieff about Protein Crystallography. Very quick and concise introductory overview.

Gale Rhodes:
Crystallography made crystal clear (2000)
A useful little text, particularly for the user of macromolecular structures. Basic structure interpretation and what to look for when analyzing a protein structure paper. Less appropriate for the practicing structural biologist.

Jenny Glusker and Ken Trueblood: Crystal structure analysis (1985)

Classical short primer on crystallography, also useful for protein crystallography. Nice but a tad old-fashioned due to age.

Therese Bergfors (Ed): Protein Crystallization (1999)

A collection of useful tips and laboratory practice for the beginner in in protein crystallization. New edition in 2008, with my chapter about crystallization basics and and likelihood-based crystallization strategies.

Branden and Tooze: Introduction to protein structure (1999)

Excellent introduction to protein structure and function. Great examples of structure-function relationships, beautiful hand-colored protein structure images.

Alberts, Johnson, Lewis, Raff, Roberts, Walter: Molecular biology of the cell (2002)

Most comprehensive introduction to molecular biology, function, and structure. Modern layout and excellent figures.

Alan Fersht: Structure and mechanism in protein structure (1999)

An excellent guide to enzyme catalysis and protein folding; particularly useful when working on enzyme structures.

Robert Weinberg:
Biology of cancer (2006)
Fantastic modern treatise oft molecular structural biology of cancer. Full with beautiful examples of structure-based mechanisms explaining the action of oncotherapeutics -  a must for everyone working in this field.   
Graham L. Patrick:
An introduction to medicinal chemistry (2005)
If you plan to work in structure based drug discovery, this is a very good introduction to medicinal and organic chemistry of drug action with strong emphasis on structure based methods

Advanced macromolecular crystallography texts

Bernhard Rupp: Biomolecular Crystallography: Principles, Practice and  Application to Structural Biology (2009)
Most comprehensive and modern monography currently available. Full treatment of the subject, starting from easy conceptual presentations to full treatment of modern likelihood based methods. For table of contents click here.

Sir Thomas Blundell & Dame Louise N. Johnson:
Protein crystallography (1976)
The classic. If you can get it for a reasonable price, buy it. Despite its age (1976), lucid and a pleasure to read. The swine who stole mine shall know when I lay my vengeance upon him. Ezekiel 25-17.

Jan Drenth: Protein crystallography (2006)
If you already practice crystallography but were unsure about the mathematical background, this might be for you. Definitely not a 'how to do' book. For practical work and crystallization, better get a specific text.
Sundstrom et al (Eds): Structural genomics & high throughput structural biology (2005)
A compilation of texts by leaders in structural genomics outlining the objectives and tangible benefits of high throughput methods. My chapter about fundamentals of HT protein crystallography might be generally useful for a quick review.

G. Giacovazzo (Ed): Fundamentals of Crystallography (2002)
Probably the best comprehensive and consistent treatise of general and macromolecular crystallography available today. If you hate math, this text is not for you - it is not a to-do picture book, does require some ease at mathematics.  

Rossmann and Arnold (Eds): ITC Volume F: Macromolecular crystallography (2001)
A compilation of articles representing the state of the art of macromolecular crystallography at the turn of the millennium. Excellent reference for advanced practitioners of protein crystallography, but not as introductory lecture. 

Carter, Sweet, Wyckoff et al (Eds): Meth. Enzymology 114, 115, 276, 277, 368, 374 
Advanced, hard-core multi-author collections, written by leaders in the field representing the state of knowledge at the date of publication (1985, 1985, 1997, 1997, 2003, 2003)

Crystallization and protein production

Bernhard Rupp: Biomolecular Crystallography: Principles, Practice and  Application to Structural Biology (2009)
Most comprehensive and modern monography currently available. Chapters 3 and 4 treat crystallization and protein production from a crystallographers's point of view, with emphasis on targeted protein engineering and many examples and how-to sections. For table of contents click here.

Alexander McPherson:
Crystallization of Biological Macromolecules (1999)
The undisputed classic text in protein crystallization. Contains historic background,  physical chemistry, and practical tips.
Therese Bergfors (Ed): Protein Crystallization (2nd edition, 2009)
A collection of useful tips and laboratory practice for the beginner in in protein crystallization. New edition in 2008, with my chapter about crystallization basics and likelihood-based crystallization strategies.
Naomi Chayen (Ed): Protein crystallization strategies for structural genomics (2007)
Useful strategies for the implementation of robotics and automated procedures in the crystallization laboratory. Includes my (cautionary tale) guide to deployment of automated crystallization robotics. 

Sylvie Doublie (Ed): Preparation and Crystallization of Macromolecules (2007)
A multi-author, practical guide with some useful protocols for protein preparation and crystallization

How-to texts

Duncan McRee: Practical protein crystallography (1999)
Largely a user's guide to XtalView/Xfit, a popular crystallographic model building package that is available now as MIFit.

Sylvie Doublie (Ed): Structure determination (2007)
A multi-author, practical guide outlining the major steps in practical structrue determination.

Mark Sanderson and Jane Skelly (Eds): Macromolecular crystallography (2007)

A multi-author, practical guide providing an overview of modern protocols for protein structure determination.

Membrane proteins

So Iwata (Ed): Methods and results in crystallization of membrane proteins (2003)
Multi-author compilation of protocols in membrane crystallization, with many useful tables of detergents, CMCs, etc.

Carola Hunte et al (Eds): Membrane Protein Purification and Crystallization (2002)

Compilation of practice-oriented protocols in membrane crystallization, alternative and complementary to above.






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