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Following links from my tutorial web site to allows you to find best new and used prices and helps to support the educational parts of this web site. See also my recommendations.

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Rigaku is a world leader in providing instrumentation that can improve productivity at many levels—from making crystallization solutions and growing crystals to automatically mounting crystals and collecting high resolution X-ray diffraction data sets. Please select an area of interest from their web site to find out how Rigaku can assist you in your protein crystallography research.



Anything you could ever imagine useful for crystallization and then some. From tools, reagents, crystallization plates and sealing supplies to complete screening and optimization kits, there is nothing Hampton does not have. Nice tutorials and tip pages for beginners as well.



Cryo-loops and tools for crystal harvesting fabricated from Laser-etched Kapton. Sturdy and still flexible enough for the most delicate harvesting job, down to 10 microns. Other micromanipulation tools like meshes, saws, and room temperature mounting kits.



Art Robbins, inventor of the Hydra, produces top crystallization automation products at unbeatable prices, foremost the Phoenix crystallization robot, the CrysCam crystal imager, and the Intelliplate series of versatile crystallization plates. 



Cutting edge X-ray equipment, particularly for home laboratories. Micro-focus rotating anodes, CCD-area detectors, cryo-equipment, crystal imaging systems and crystal harvesting robotics. SHELX software including XPREP. 

       Finest text books on the marked, including the acclaimed Molecular Biology of the Cell, Weinberg's Biology of Cancer, Branden-Tooze's Introduction to Protein Structure and soon a very (in)famous Modern Biomolecular Crystallography book!

Spearlabs has introduced a series of nice closed cell foam Dewars. The patent pending design of the vessels makes them easier to handle and safer to use than a traditional low profile glass Dewar. Also, because of its lower thermal mass, a foam vessel will cause less liquid nitrogen boil-off when it is filled. Additionally, it will accumulate less frost during regular use.

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