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Benefits of Sponsorship

The crystallography tutorial on this web site is one of the most prominent and successful free web tutorials in macromolecular crystallography, and is frequently used in academic course work, and in NSF, ACA and other workshops around the globe. Over 500,000 users so far have contributed to its popularity, and many of these students have moved on and become decision makers with substantial influence and buying power for crystallographic equipment and software.  

The site is fully indexed by the major search engines, and on average 4000 hits per day and 3000 targeted visits per month provide substantial visibility. Any proceeds from sponsorship are directly invested into improvements of the educational web site. We hire graduate students for web design, content improvement, and programming of interactive web exercises. You investments is used to improve content and presentation of the educational parts of this popular web site, increasing your business exposure and interest of future decision makers in your products.

The active engagement of students in the material and direct links to your products have a significantly increased impact on retention and increased long-term impact over any mass mailings of commercial competitors.  

Sponsorship Options

The following sponsorship options are available:

  • Basic entry page ad-rotator: As an Ad Sponsor, you will have a rotating logo on the front page, in the X_ray tutorial page, and in the index column of the vendor page. Please see the examples on the entry page, tutorial entry, vendor page, and crystallization page. In addition, one image link directly to your web site from a suitable page is included in the basic sponsorship.

  • Additional specific links from tutorial pages. As a Ad Sponsor, you can specify additional specific page links and logo links to your web site. As a vendor of crystallization supplies, your logo and direct text links in the crystallization tutorial pages will give you additional exposure.

  • Workshop sponsor. In addition to the web associated sponsorships, we offer then opportunity to have your logo prominently displaced in live material and printed workshop handouts of our publicly and privately sponsored crystallography and drug discovery workshops.

  • Custom advertising options. Please contact us directly for special placements and additional advertising text (will be marked as such) in the tutorial pages.

Your Contribution

The cost for sponsorship options are as follows:

  • Basic Sponsorship: entry page and index add rotator $1500.- per calendar year. >99% annual uptime guaranteed. Please submit your desired logo in several sizes as digital image.

  • Additional specific links from tutorial pages. As above, plus $200 per page link. Please specify image and link position.

  • Workshop sponsor (logo on workshop handouts and presentation graphics). With basic sponsorship, $200 per workshop. Without basic sponsorship, $400 per workshop.

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