Welcome to Vienna Air International

Our Mission: Vienna Air International is a general aviation service company specializing in pilot transition training into Techically Advanced Aircraft (TAA) using scenario-based FAA Industry Training Standards (FITS). Founded in 1992 by CEO and Chief Pilot Bernhard Rupp, dedicated VAI professionals have provided individualized flight training, aircraft ferry services, and purchase and lease consulting to aviators and corporations around the world.

Convenient Locations
We operate within the San Francisco (NorCal TRACON) airspace and the LAX-San Diego (SoCal TRACON) airspace.

We are headquartered in Carlsbad-Palomar (CRQ).

Advanced Training

Specific parts of the advanced flight training are conducted in an FAA approved Elite RC-1 full vision (5 screen) simulator powered by X-plane at our affiliated partner California Airways in Hayward, CA. 

Examples include RTO (rejected takeoff) management, rapid decompression-VNE descents, multiple systems failures, and single engine approaches to CAT I or CAT II minimums.

Initial and Recurrent

Our initial and recurrent training curriculum for the C340 and C414/421 has been approved by Airpower, LLC, insurance

Thorough and professional line-oriented high altitude operations endorsements per FAR 61.31 (g) and RSVM operations training per FAR 91 Appx G3(c)(2) are our specialty.