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Advanced Professional Training

Your Goal: You are a dedicated individual seeking advanced instrument flight training in Technically Advanced Aircraft (TAA), possibly with a transition into pressurized, perhaps turbine aircraft. Most of our clients are professionals using their aircraft for business purposes, others have become professional pilots for major international carriers. You probably have at least a multi-engine instrument rating and several hundred hours of PIC time. In special cases, we also conduct ab-inito training for pilots interested in aviation careers. All your transition training into Techically Advanced Aircraft (TAA) follows scenario-based FAA Industry Training Standards (FITS).

Our Mission
We conduct a thorough evaluation of your skills and knowledge and provide you with a time and cost estimate for the training you are seeking. Vienna Air International then tailors an individual training schedule to specifically accommodate the goals of our client. 
Very popular with European customers are advanced multiengine IFR trips through the Western United States, and high altitude operations endorsements (above FL 250).
No matter what program we develop for you, we follow the Standard Operating Procedures as used at United Airlines flight operations, using flow checks, procedures, and check lists adapted to the particular aircraft you choose