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High Altitude Trips

On occasion we offer flights between destinations at reduced rates instead of the standard round-trip flights for the high altitude endorsement per FAR 61.31(g). The training includes:

  • Ground training in high altitude physiology, aerodynamics, weather and aircraft systems and operations.
  • Planning of an IFR flight level trip between two US destinations.
  • Operational flight training in an appropriate aircraft above FL250.
  • Details of the subjects to receive instruction and training in are outlined in AC 61-107.

Past Trip Examples

June 15, 2011: Bay Area (LVK or DVO) to San Diego (KMYF or KSAN).

June 25, 2011: Los Angeles Area (KSNA or KFUL) to Bay Area (LVK or DVO).

July 18, 2011: Bay Area (LVK or CCR) to Jackson Hole, WY (KJAC).

July 22, 2011: Jackson Hole, WY (KJAC) to Bay Area (LVK or CCR).

Sept 08, 2011: Bay Area (LVK) to Carlsbad-Palomar (CRQ, near San Diego), 4-5 hrs.

Trip Details

The trips generally take the better part of a day. Plan on about 2-3 hrs ground instruction (1.5 hrs class room, 1.5 hrs at the aircraft covering system) and 2-3 hrs flight time. It is possible to share the flight portion with a partner, which allows for a longer trip (one leg flown by each pilot).

Course training material, checklists, and W&B sheets can be downloaded from a secure website as soon as you have made a commitment for the ground portion. A brief syllabus is available here.

The endorsement can be credited towards a full insurance checkout (example for C-340), and arrangements for block time (10-25 hrs) can be made.

Click here for current rates.